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We all know that so far we have been talking about Andy Warhol and his Factory throughout all of these articles, and I think that because this our definite topic for all of these articles and blogs it is important for us to understand just why this type of artist and his ways of doing things were so cool and newsworthy in general. When it comes to Andy Warhol and his art you have to start thinking differently and definitely start thinking outside of the box and that is exactly what Warhol was all about in general and that is why he was such a famous artist. When you start to think differently than you usually do then you most likely are going to experience something very different than what you are used to and that will then elicit a different type of brain frequency that you then project out into the world and most likely on a canvass of any nature which could also be a blank page or really anything.

I think Andy Warhol definitely knew that what he was doing at the time was innovative and progressive in terms of what every other artist was doing back then and that is what made Warhol the epitome of the word cool. Andy Warhol seriously was one of the coolest people on the planet during his prime, and what is so crazy is that he represented all of the things that were against the norm and breaking all the rules in general, and that is what made everyone like him. Warhol wasn’t afraid to break the rules and do things and make it his own adaptation of his visions, and of course when you do something like that then you are obviously going to be getting a bunch of different perspectives towards your art. It’s not like everyone really like Andy Warhol, but it just so happened that so many different people really did like him and were obsessed with his art work, and of course he was one of the first contemporary artists to make millions of dollars through printmaking and all other sorts of things that were allowing him to make a bunch of money in the 60s and 70s, and it is Warhol’s career that we are going to discuss, as well as the Factory within this particular article.

What’s so crazy about all of this art that Andy Warhol made during his career is that in today’s times we might look at it and be like, oh well anyone could do this today that isn’t even that great but that is exactly what made it so great back then in the 60s. He seriously was the first person to think of doing things in a different way and to take photographs and then edit in them in psychedelic ways that made them look really trippy and things like that and of acid type of nature, and of course Warhol was known for a lot of drug use in general and his Factory was his workplace where a bunch of different artists and people who were obviously super cool would come hang out and see everything that Andy was up to and just have a good time. He created the hot water heater photo technique that change photography forever. Yes, the Factory that Andy Warhol put together was definitely the place to go hang out with the rich and famous people in New York City for quite awhile, and I think everyone was attracted to Andy, or at least cutting edge artists were attracted to Andy because he was doing things against the norms of society and was purposely trying to be provocative.

It is through all of Andy Warhol’s art that we can start to manage to even begin to think about his legacy as an artist and just as a human being who changed the entire world through art, and I think not many artists will ever get to the point that Andy Warhol did get to, but of course we are all still here looking up to people like Andy Warhol and what he did with the Factory as an example of where you would like to go with your careers in general and try to be just like Andy Warhol in some way or another through our own personal artworks.


Andy Warhol Inspired

When it comes to some people who just made a huge difference in the world I think we all a lot of times like to think about politicians and other people who really went out and made changes in our culture, but of course cultures all over the world are always being influenced and shaped by artists and I think for the most part we can definitely consider a lot of what the artists of past generations did to see where we are today in terms of style and class and all sorts of different aspects of our lives, and this is obviously really important because art is always going to be a super important aspect of all of our lives, and I think we all notice and understand this, especially if we are artists ourselves which a lot of us are in some way or another.

So what we are going to be doing throughout all of these articles and blogs on this page is to talk about one of the most influential modern artists of all time, and I think when we think of someone like Andy Warhol then we definitely understand that he is the type of person who definitely changed the entire world through his art and obviously created a whole new form of art that we now know as contemporary art or pop art. Think about all of the hipsters that are out there in the world today and then think about how they may have been back in the 60s and 70s and then you might start to get a small glimpse into what Andy Warhol was like, and although Warhol was probably the biggest hipster of all time that still has a lot do with the type of art he was creating during the time that he was creating it, and I think because he was able to do things that no one had ever even thought about doing he was able to completely change the entire art game completely and in his favor. He is and will always be known as a pioneer of his field, and of course his style will never fade away because he definitely understood what it took to create fantastic art in his own unique way, and that is partly why everyone loved him so much.

Of course Andy Warhol was also pretty famous for being the guy with the cool Factory place where a bunch of people who were rich and famous would come hang out and do drugs in while in Manhattan during the 60s and 70s, and this is definitely one of the signature aspects to Warhol’s legacy and it is definitely something that we have been discussing a lot in the recent articles. He gave the world a facial rejuvenation. So if you are a huge Andy Warhol fan or maybe you just want to learn more about him and his factory then you have definitely come to the right website on the world wide web because what we are discussing throughout all of these articles is Andy Warhol and the Factory and that means we are going to be getting into some wild and crazy things that went down there and it will definitely be a bunch of fun because Andy Warhol knew exactly how to have a good time while still remaining creative and with a good business head, and that is part of what made his Factory so famous, because famous people showed up and partied there but that in turn made Warhol’s art more expensive and luxurious, so his Factory was kind of a business investment as well, but of course Warhol probably didn’t see it like that at all.

Progressive Artists

Yes, we all know who Andy Warhol was and of course the reasons for that area because Andy Warhol is considered to be one of the most influential and progressive artists in American history and I think what he did for the entire art community was help art in general expand upon itself and then emerge into the latter half of the 20th century where so many different types of artwork emerged for everyone to get their hands on, and I think Warhol definitely saw a lot of changes coming and just wanted to be a part of that change in any way, and what just so happened to occur was that he catalyzed and became the face of that entire wave of new artistic movement during the 1960s and 70s and that is part of what made Andy Warhol the legend that he is today. The thing is that Andy Warhol really evolved himself during a time when evolution was happening everywhere, and just like the Beatles were able to come about and start a new movement of popular music.

Warhol came out and started creating pop art and that was something that no one had ever really done before and that made him very marketable. Of course Warhol also experimented a lot with silk screen printmaking and of course when you know a lot about printmaking as an artist you can start selling posters and prints at affordable rates, and I think Andy Warhol was really one of the first artists to think of his art as something that the entire world would buy, and what he found out was that yes, the entire world wanted to buy his art and he became an extremely rich man and then expanded upon his influence through his really famous Factory that he created and that became a part of what his entire legacy and career became all about. So for the most part if you are interested in Andy Warhol then you have definitely come to a rather interesting spot on the internet because we are going to be talking about Andy Warhol and the Factory throughout all of these articles and through these articles we are hoping that we can teach you a thing or two about Andy Warhol and all of his shenanigans and his Factory and that will give you a better perspective on how heady the 60s were and how cool of a person Andy Warhol was during the prime of his career, and of course we are going to find out that the Factory was just a small part of what made Andy Warhol the legend in American art history that he is today.

While Andy Warhol was working in his original Factory during the 1960s he was doing a bunch of meth and other drugs with people who were interested in getting very high on new types of drugs that were just coming out, but besides the drugs Warhol was working on a bunch of different things during this time including films and sculptures and all sorts of things that really made him the person and artist that he evolved into over the years, and of course he was making a bunch of money at this time selling prints of all sorts of things and I think that for the most part everyone was really interested in knowing what Andy Warhol was up to and that is exactly why so many different people came over to his Factory and started shooting up and doing all sorts of drugs with him and his friends, and I think the social aspects of the Factory definitely helped Warhol gain a lot of clout throughout the entire art and entertainment industry and that only lead to more and more fame for him which only made the artwork that he created even more valuable, and he was definitely not so concerned with money but that was because he was such a good businessman and was able to create so much money for himself that he could laugh at the idea of not having enough money for something.

So yes, The Factory definitely had a bunch of drugs in it, but it was through all the fun times and drug addicted celebrities that came to Andy Warhol’s Factory that helped him become a more famous artist, so in a way through partying Warhol was able to make a lot more money.

Manhattan Location

When it comes to the greatest American artists ever we have to consider someone like Andy Warhol, and although Andy Warhol might be a little bit out of the norm when it comes to art he definitely is the person who helped change art forever and bring art into the modern world, and of course he was doing this back in the 60s at the right time I guess, but the facts of the matter are that Andy Warhol was one of the first people to consider art to be different than just painting and sculpting and other things that art had always been considered to be, and by expanding himself as an artist way back then he was then able to change the entire concept of contemporary art in general.

And that is why Andy Warhol might be considered one of the most important American artists because he made art cool again and started to experiment a lot with visual art and other forms of human interaction art to really get at the core of who we are as a species, and that is something that a lot of artists even since Warhol have ever been able to match to his magnitude. But let’s be clear and say first and foremost that Andy Warhol did a bunch of types of artistic works through his career and he was the type of person who would do paintings and drawings and then sell them for a bunch of money, but he was also really into photography and printmaking and I think that what we see with something like Humans of New York we can almost attribute to the works of Andy Warhol and his photography and interview skills during his career.

And I think he would be very proud of the guys at Humans of New York especially because his work factory was always located in Manhattan no matter what time of his career. There really are a bunch of different types of art that Warhol was able to create, but of course his one piece of art called Silver Car Crash was sold for $105 million and that was made in 1963, and I’m telling you right now that for the most part is one of Warhol’s prized pieces of art but of course he probably didn’t even care about it or the money so much because he was the type of person who didn’t care so much about money and that is probably because at a certain point he was able to create so much art for himself that all the money in the world wouldn’t even matter that much, but of course he kind of did become really rich in the process of creating all of his art.

We aren’t here to just talk about Andy Warhol the artist and innovative human being, but we are also here to talk about The Factory, and I think this is part of what made Andy Warhol so famous because his awesome studio in Manhattan was a pinnacle point in the hippie movement of the 1960s and of course it was just a super heady place for a bunch of famous people to hang out and just do a bunch of drugs and whatever really, and I think this is part of what added on to Andy Warhol’s name and prestige and that is because he was able to throw a bunch of epic parties and things like that and everyone liked him alot, and he was openly gay during a time of the gay people’s revolution and that was a big statement for him to make during this time, but as everyone kind of knows today this started a whole movement towards homosexuality and being openly gay and I think this is definitely really good for everyone because Warhol was able to change the world through a lot more than just his art work and that is what is part of what made Andy Warhol such a legend, because it is one thing for someone to change the world completely through art, but it is also another thing to change the world and throw awesome parties like Gatsby along the way, and Warhol was just a part of this type of movement and of course he really killed it in a bunch of different ways throughout his entire life.

The Headist Of All

When it comes to some of the headiest and trippiest artists the United States has ever known I think there are a lot of names that we can think of right off the top of our heads but none of them really have anything on Andy Warhol and what he was able to accomplish during his really strange and out their artistic career, and I still think that what Andy Warhol was doing back in the 1960s was timeless and that he understood that what he was doing was kind of before his time and that he was a very out there thinker for the most part, and I think he always embraced this type of outside of the box thinking with his art and he definitely had a lot to say as an artist and critiqued all parts of our culture as Americans, and I think back in the 1960s especially people were really into that kind of social critique because there were so many problems in our society at the time that it kind of made sense for us to want to make sure that we were doing things differently and our art was the best way to express our frustrations and our thoughts towards consumerism and the entire ideas of celebrities in the United States, and these issues obviously still exist today and Warhol was just the first one to really express himself in this type of way through visual art and he paved the way for a lot of epic hipster artists to follow him.

So if you are super interested in celebrities and the entire glamour and glitz lifestyle that was lived by Andy Warhol then you definitely are in the right spot online because this entire list of articles and blogs for this site is going to be all about Andy Warhol and the factory and so that means that we are about to go into great details about who Andy Warhol was as a person and an artist and then go into a bunch of details about this factory of his that became a social haven for the rich and famous to come hang out and experience cool things and do a bunch of drugs together and be as free as the little birds that everyone in the 60s and 70s wished they could be, and in a way Warhol was able to create a small little paradise inside of his Manhattan homes and work factories.

And that is part of what made him such a famous artist. It’s not only because he made incredible art and was able to inspire millions of people, but he was also capable of inspiring even the biggest artists in the world and he was a really good friend to so many different people and created an environment for super cool people to come together and be free from the confines of society and just create art together, and I think we don’t see enough of this type of collaboration in today’s times but obviously it could come back and just needs the likes of another really great artist as the likes of Warhol, but of course anyone who is a fan of Warhol will know that there may never be another Andy Warhol because he literally was that type of artist who will never be matched again, and that is something that I think made him such a cool artist, but we will go into all of the details about his art within these articles shortly.

So of course we are so glad to have you hear to learn more about Andy Warhol and his factory of magic and art and we think that you are really going to enjoy yourself through all of these articles, so continue reading and let’s learn more about Andy Warhol and the factory!